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Meet the Melons!

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Alexander Wijninga
Chief Executive Officer
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Sebastiaan de Weert
Chief Technology Officer
Thumb avatar 1514974800
Charl Haas
Head of Design
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Lisanne den Ouden
Product Owner
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Denise van Cappelle
Head of Customer Success
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Guido Postma
Customer Success Manager
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Sven van Roekel
Customer Success Manager
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Joris Jonkman
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Marieke Mutsaerts
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Jamal Ceder
Sales agent
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Mariëlle van Deelen
HR Manager
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Myron Akse
Sales Representative
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Romano Schoonheim
Backend Developer
Thumb avatar 1550577696
Dylan ten hove
Sales intern
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Merel Koens
Office Manager
Thumb avatar 1550577744
Oscar van Eymeren
Design intern
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Henk van der Meer

"A team that I'm going to miss, but an experience that I would not have wanted to miss. Dynamic, energetic and competitive "

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David Veldhuizen
Old employee - Watermelon




Europalaan 400, Utrecht